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A super simple way to create a browsable PHP code repository. Only one file to upload. Great for offering code snippets on your site, or to create a browsable CVS tree. Has syntax highlighting & displays optional line numbers. See it in action here ource/ To install.. 1. Create a directory such as "source" within your website. You can name your source directory anything youd like. 2. Upload the index.php file to your new "source" directory as ASCII/plain text. 3. Create a "Project" directory within the "source" directory and upload any PHP source code to it. You can name your Project directory anything youd like. 4. Browse to your new "source" directory with a web browser. Thats it.
Store all you code snippets with this PHP application. It has many options available and highly configurable. Supports unlimited snippets, unlimted categories and unlimited libraries. Does not require a database!!
Extensive and powerful script to launch your own Script Archive Portal . It is a COMPLETE SCRIPT with high quality features like : Highly configurable site parameters, Convenient browsing , Extensive stats , Feature packed admin panel , Anti-spam and Anti-cheat mechanisms.. Script is built with focus on increase ease of users and profits of webmasters. FULLY customizable site colors and graphics. Full Online DEMO available to see the quality, flexibility and earning potential of this script.
phpHotResources is a full featured, completely automated, high quality Web Programming Resources Directory like or phpHotResources contains everything you need to create a local or International Web Developer Community and it is easily translatable into any language. The fully customizable HTML is 100% language and operating system independent and was designed with an easy to use navigation interface. You can list the programming resources by Posted Date, Download count, Hits and Votes. Other features include hit counters; member review; "Most Popular" listing; "Top Rated" Listing; advanced search capabilities; sorting of results; forgotten password reminder; email notification; smart and flexible registration for resource Authors; email address confirmation; easy edit and deletion of ads; extendibility of the program code; full-featured administration; advanced security; secure password generation; email validation; bad word filter; easy e
Ever wanted to own your own high tech download site? Now you can... we offer you a clone of our site at an unbeatable price.
This is a full featured script that allows you to have a Hotscripts type website. It comes fully automated and ready to accept your visitors scripts. Features include: Admin - Ability to add/edit/delete scripts, add/edit/delete categories, accept submissions from sponsors, set length of time sponsorships will last, change pricing for sponsors. Two types of advertising... banners and text advertising. Visitors may come to your site and search for scripts by category, script name, partial words, etc. Visitors may see the most recent scripts added to your directory, top 10 scripts in each category and the highest rated scripts in each category or as a whole! Visitors may also review and rate scripts on a scale from 1 to 5. Why pay hundreds of dollars for the same script elsewhere? This is a set of PHP scripts and uses a MySql database.
CodeWare is a script to run your own code repository to provide information on where to download the file(s), where to buy, etc. This script can be adapted to any site by modifying the CSS file. These instructions assume you have some knowledge of PHP.
phpCodeCabinet allows developers to store code snippets from any language. Features include user-defined categories, syntax highlighting, an extensive search engine, a theme-based interface, import/export capabilities, and code/category ownership privileges.
SourceWell is an announcement and retrieval system for software applications based in PHP3 and uses MySQL as its database system. SourceWell depends on the PHPLib library (version 7.2 or later). In order to use the diary and weekly mailing list features with the announcements, you should also have Mailman installed in your box. BerliOS SourceWell system is currently being used at BerliOS SourceWell ( BerliOS SourceWell has currently more than 800 applications and has been the main reason why this software was created.
This is a PHP/MySQL-based link indexing application that runs the site, "Unmaintained Free Software". Unmaintained Free Software provides an index of orphaned or unmaintained Free Software related content and software, i.e. packages that arent developed any longer and have no maintainer.

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